Romanian Member if Parliament (MEP) Christian Terhes lambasted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Brussels this weekend for his heavy-handed dictatorial crack down on peaceful freedom convoy protestors in Ottawa.

He compared Trudeau to Communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, who was executed by firing squad along with his wife for crimes against humanity on Dec. 25th, 1989 by military tribunal.

“The prime minister of Canada, the way he’s behaving right now – he’s exactly like a tyrant, like a dictator. He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania,” said Terheș.

“If you raise doubts about the vaccines, you’re outcasted. What’s the difference between what he does and what happened under the Inquisition?”

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Nicolae Ceaușescu was a communist dictator who ruled over the ex-Socialist Republic of Romania until 1989, when his regime came to an abrupt end after decades of ruthless repression.

Ceaușescu oversaw the creation of the Securitate, one of the most inhumane police forces in the Eastern bloc.

Terheș then offered his support to the freedom movement, saying that he hoped it would spread to other countries.

“I hope this movement for freedom and for rights is spreading all around the world. Because at the end of the day, we have to make sure that those elected officials understand that they were elected into those offices for the people. Not to behave like masters of slaves.”

Terheș is part of a growing cohort of international voices who are condemning Trudeau for an outrageous abusing of his powers. Others who have spoken out include UK MP Marcus Fysh, US Senator Marsha Blackburn, US congresswoman Yvette Herrell and Indian politician Vijay Chatuhaiwale.

Astonishingly, Trudeau’s authoritarian actions like freezing bank accounts of political opponents has yet to be condemned by Western peers like Prime Minister Boris Johnson or President Joe Biden.

On Monday, Liberal and NDP MPs successfully voted to extend the use of the Emergencies Act to deal with the protests against COVID restrictions and mandates. Trudeau invoked the extreme measure to crush demonstrations in Ottawa but also cited border blockades that had come to end before or shortly after he implemented the act.

To date, about 200 people have been arrested for simply demonstrating their right to protest, with 76 vehicles being towed from the city’s town centre.

Checkpoints and a heavy police presence remain in place throughout Ottawa.

Bitcoiners are watching

The Trudeau regime also caught the attention of the Bitcoin and Litecoin community, some of whom helped with funding in response to the freezing of bank accounts in solidarity with the movement.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong as well as Kraken Ceo Jesse Powell both promoted self-custodial wallets in light of the country’s totalitarian turn.

Laughably, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) then proceeded to “investigate” whether tweets by the CEOs violated the sanctions put on Canadian citizens to do away with peaceful freedom protests.

Sanctions are international tools of war, such as those tabled against Russia in response to escalations in Eastern Ukraine.

This begs the question: if Canadian authorities sanction their own citizens for no reason what-so-ever, are they declaring war against everyday Canadians?

The news comes as inflation figures across the globe skyrocket to never-seen-before levels, with the US registering 7.5% inflation in January.

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