A Bitcoin Charity fund founded in 2014 during the annexation of Crimea, Come Back Alive, has received over 110 Bitcoin in response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In Brief

  • A charity in Kyiv received $4 million in Bitcoin donations.
  • The charity used the funds to buy artillery, armour and 25 helicopters in defence of the country.
  • Chechen special forces are hunting Kyiv officials.
  • Prominent figures in crypto have helped to raise funds to help those fleeing the conflict.

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Crypto Users Donate Bitcoin to Ukraine

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations exceeded $4 million in defence of Ukraine, which has faced a country-wide Russian military operation.

The Kyiv-based charity Come Back Alive received millions in donations since Russian forces launched an attack on Ukraine early Thursday morning. The non-profit organisation was established in 2014 during the Russian annexation of Crimea. Since then, it has continued to raise money in support of the Ukrainian military.

Censorship of Funding in the West

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the charity accepted donation through Patreon. But a post on the charity’s Facebook page said that Patreon blocked the group’s page, freezing over $250,000 in donations hours after the Russian attack started. Patreon explained that the funds violated its terms of service due to the stated goal of financing and training of military personnel.

Censorship of funds has also come about recently for far more innocuous reasons, namely Trudeau’s invoking of the ‘Emergencies Act‘ that sanctioned donations to the freedom trucker movement in Canada. After unrelenting public pressure, Trudeau had to retract the draconian measure, but his actions and sanctions against peaceful Canadian citizens won’t soon be forgotten.

Come Back Alive accepts donations via SWIFT and Bitcoin. The organisation’s Bitcoin wallet currently contains 107 Bitcoin worth over $5.2 million. Before the Russian military escalation started on Feb. 23, the wallet held 4.5 BTC, worth $177,000 in today’s terms.

The organisation has used donations to purchase bulletproof vests and armour, mobile surveillance vehicles, as well as training troops such as unmanned aerial vehicle operators (UAV). The charity revealed in an online post that the latest contributions had been used to purchase armour bags and artillery for defence of Kyiv, as well as thermal imaging devices and 25 helicopters. As the update came, Russian troops closed in on the Ukrainian capital, with explosions heard in the city.

Since the attack started on Thursday, prominent members of the crypto community condemned the aggression in support for Ukraine. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried tweeted Thursday that all Ukrainian users will receive $25 in their accounts to help those fleeing the conflict.

As reported by the dailymail, Chechen special forces have now been ordered to ‘hunt‘ Ukrainian officials down including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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