Bitfinex, a crypto trading platform, has announced the Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto at the Adopting Bitcoin conference in El Salvador. The exchange outlined is vision for a new age of peer-to-peer self sovereignty enabled through the use of decentralised ledger technologies.

Drawing inspiration from the cypherpunk movement and protagonists such as Phil Zimmerman, Jim Bell, and Eric Hughes, the Freedom Manifesto makes an unwavering commitment to promoting individual freedom through technology. Bitfinex believes that freedom starts with financial freedom and extends to free speech and privacy, and can be enabled through cryptography, distributed systems and open-source software.

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Unveiled at the Adopting Bitcoin conference in El Salvador, the Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto provides a blueprint for individual self sovereignty. El Salvador, which adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021, was chosen as the natural place for the Freedom Manifesto to be presented to the public.

Technologies such as the Lightning Network, a peer-to-peer payment technology that addresses the scalability and cost issues for using Bitcoin as a means of payment, and Keet, a fully encrypted video calling and chat application, show the potential of peer-to-peer technologies to disrupt centralized systems of control and surveillance.

The company believes that financial freedom is possible through the use of Bitcoin as a means to provide access to financial services, especially the unbanked. Meanwhile, Keet delivers free speech, allowing for free and private interactions that are not routed through centralised servers. Bitfinex is committed to building on distributed systems technology to provide more tools that can deliver freedom.

“To paraphrase the Cypherpunk Manifesto, we write code,” the Manifesto proclaimed. “We know that someone has to write software to defend freedom, and we’re going to write it.”

“As a technology battle-hardened in the most adversarial conditions of the open public Internet, Bitcoin shows the potential for cryptography and peer-to-peer networks to increase freedom,” said Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex. “We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right that is sacrosanct, and that freedom of speech and financial freedom is an essential cornerstone of delivering individual sovereignty. Furthermore, we believe that Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer network is the best way to provide global financial inclusion.”

The Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto makes three pledges:

  • We are committed to building open, peer-to-peer communication solutions to enable anyone, anywhere to interact and transact freely online
  • We will work relentlessly to support the Lightning Network and similar technologies and contribute to making Bitcoin the most accessible and most efficient transaction solution
  • We will support and invest in the Bitcoin community, including developers and white hat hackers, to ensure the strength, resilience and immutability of the Bitcoin network

The full Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto is accessible here.

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