According to data from crypto aggregation platform DefiLlama, the top centralised exchanges ranked by clean digital assets held are Binance, OKX, and Bitfinex.

As noted by a Lookonchain on X, the total clean digital assets held by Binance, OKX and Bitfinex rest at $59.2 billion, 12.4bn and 9.2bn, respectively. Clean assets do not involve assets issued by the exchange itself. At a glance, the metric carries more significance than total assets on an exchange, lest another FTX-style scenario arise in the future.

  exchange assets

By and large, Bitcoin dominates volumes of assets held in two of the three top CEXs, while Tether (USDT), the flagship stablecoin, represented a majority of assets on the OKX exchange.

At the time of reporting, the volume of BTC held on Binance per DefiLlama data totalled $20.56 billion, representing 30.7% of the digital assets on the exchange. OKX held $4.84 billion in BTC, reflecting 38.9% of the total assets on the platform. Tether represented 41.9% of digital assets, with a volume of $5.2 billion.

As for Bitfinex, Bitcoin represents a major share of the exchange’s assets, claiming 65.47% of all assets held on the exchange. BTC held on Bitfinex at the time of reporting amount to $7.7 billion, while LEO (an exchange-issued token), represented 22%, with a volume of $2.56 billion.

Notably, DefiLlama data showed negative monthly inflows for Binance (-$1.4bn), and positive inflows for OKX and Bitfinex; $597 million and $273 million, respectively. All exchanges experienced negative inflows in the last 24-hours. The leverage ratio for Binance, OKX and Bitfinex was 0.17x, 0.32x and 0.06x, respectively, with the latter exchange boasting the least amount of leverage of the three.

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