As large financial institutions like Fidelity and Blackrock add crypto product offerings, a survey found that high-net-worth individuals prefer direct exposure to the asset class.

According to the latest data of the global wealth managers survey from GlobalData published on October 13, high-net-worth investors are keen on direct asset-class exposure.

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The Senior Wealth Management Analyst at GlobalData, Sergel Woldemichael commented on the trend:

Cryptocurrency is highly volatile, so unsurprisingly, GlobalData’s 2022 Global Wealth Managers Survey found that the average global HNW portfolio holds just 1.4% in crypto. While demand is expected to grow going forward, investors are also unwilling to let cryptocurrency take up a sizable chunk of their portfolio.

There are about 21,350 cryptocurrencies according to data from coinmarketcap. While the vast majority of these cryptocurrencies are often regarded as vapourware, investors have a wide variety of asses to choose from.

Direct investment into assets tends to carry additional risks and potential rewards. But in a time when supposedly risk-free US bonds are experiencing volatility, traditionally safe waters are muddied and murky.

Are investors fleeing to directly Bitcoin and crypto?

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