In a highly critical video posted on YouTube on August 23, Nadir Hajarabi, who described himself as a former Worldcoin employee prior to its token launch, publicly said that he cut all ties with the project.

Hajarabi did not get into the specifics regarding his legal advice, but revealed that he left Worldcoin due to concerning reservations arising from what he had witnessed at the company. Eventually, he made the final decision to leave after the project released its WLD token and whitepaper.

Worldcoin: ‘Horrendous execution’

Describing himself as a strong believer in the startup’s vision of providing universal basic income, Hajarabi views the organisation’s efforts as “horrendous execution that deserves whatever will come next,” underlining the opaqueness of the project’s methods.

In his video statement, Hajarabi said he was sceptical from the start, but gave the company “the benefit of the doubt”, initially. However, he said his concerns escalated as the token’s whitepaper was released, which, in his view, solidified his decision to disentangle himself from the company and cut ties. Hajarabi did not elaborate on the specifics on the advice of counsel.

Hajarabi’s public accusations of wrongdoing at Worldcoin and his choice to find legal counsel and representation are telling. While he remained mute about his location or the legal systems he operates in, it’s probable that Hajarabi issued the statement with the approval of his legal counsel.

Worldwide scrutiny

Meanwhile, the Worldcoin project has been under scrutiny from all corners of the industry, as well as from various jurisdictions, including France and Germany, the UK, and Kenya. Kenyan authorities raided a Worldcoin warehouse in Nairobi via search warrant, suspending the company’s operations due to privacy breaches.

While the project has reassured the data it does not keep data once the orbs generate a unique iris code, regulators and privacy advocates simply do not believe the founder Sam Altman, who suspiciously took his OpenAI project from open-source to closed-source.

Kenyan Capital Markets Authority underlined that Worldcoin is not regulated in the country and showed concern about individuals registering their data with the unregulated entity. In an attempt to woo governments into its dystopian high-surveillance vision, Worldcoin has said that it would open its world-ID system to governments and companies.

Worldcoin has since affirmed that it is cooperating with the government and intends to resume operations after implementing so-called “crowd-control measures.”

Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures and LinkedIN founder Reid Hoffman, Worldcoin’s chilling “global ID” saw an increase in demand since its launch.

Hajarabi’s public lambasting of the firm, coupled with ongoing international investigations, underscore the controversial nature of the project, in addition to the questionable motives of all those involved in it.

Hajarabi closed by urging potential users to be extremely sceptical when evaluating Worldcoin’s terms and conditions.

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