France’s Digital Minister Jean-Noël Barrot threatened Twitter with a blanket ban if Elon Musk does not kneel before the arbiters of truth, the ‘disinformation teams’.

In comments made on radio network France Info, the minister said the US company would be banned from the EU if it refused to follow the European Digital Services Act, which apparently goes into effect at the end of August.

Is Twitter forbidden in the EU?

The minister, who fancies himself and his teams the sole arbiters of truth and goodness, said: “Disinformation is one of the gravest threats weighing on our democracies. Twitter, if it repeatedly doesn’t follow our rules, will be banned from the EU”.

The remarks come in another display of Europe’s draconian tendencies, underlining the fact that European members of parliament are out of touch with constituents.

The European Union has launched a chilling ‘voluntary disinformation code of practice’; a practice in which the state has final say on what constitutes reliable and accurate information. The code is a stepping stone to the Digital Services Act. If ratified, social media companies face fines up to 6% of their annual revenue for not adhering to statecraft narratives, regardless of whether they’re true. In other words,

In other words, social media companies face total regulatory capture, and EU MEP’s do not uphold values of free speech, rigorous public debate and the dialectic model to reaching consensus. In regards to Facebook, the platform’s fact checkers already go out of their way to censor information, throttle reach, and obscure anything that might have value from ever reaching a wider audience; such as mRNA vaccine injuries, climate debates, or the US’ sovereign debt crisis.

Internal Markets Commissioner, Thierry Breton, another unelected Eurocrat you’d have no idea even existed until his remarks on Monday, tweeted: “You can run but you can’t hide”.

Twitter users call out remarks as ‘draconian’

Onlookers did not take kindly to the Commissioner’s zealotry in creating a petty tyranny.

Sorry to break it to you Mr Breton, but the internet is too big for your tyrannical spirit.

Political philosopher at Navarra University, David Thunder, compared the approach to China’s draconian censorship regime and ongoing abusive relationship with its citizens.

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