The Chief Investment Officer of asset management firm Guggenheim Investments, Scott Minerd, has yet again changed his tune on the Bitcoin outlook. First predicting a $400,000 bitcoin, Scott has pulled another u turn on his thesis, revealing an eagerness for panic sellers to drag prices as low as $10,000 and $15,000.

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In his latest swoon, Minerd said that investors shouldn’t be “anxious to be  putting money in bitcoin right now” and predicted that bitcoin could  spend the next few years trading sideways before the market turns  bullish again.

In December, Minerd revealed that his firm’s fundamental analysis put bitcoin at $400,000. A few weeks after that in January, he told CNBC  that there wasn’t enough institutional demand to support BTC’s then-all-time-high of $41,000 and that it could fall back to $20,000.

But that’s not all. In  early February, Minerd changed things up again, giving CNN his highest price target for bitcoin yet: $600,000.

Shortly before Minerd’s first bullish prediction in November, Guggenheim filed an amendment with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to  be able to invest up to almost $500 million in bitcoin through the  Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), CoinDesk’s parent company.

In May, Minerd seemingly conflated Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, tweeting:  “Crypto has proven to be Tulipomania” – a reference to the Dutch tulip  bulb bubble in the 1600s, when the market crashed after a period of speculation.

Clearly, the asset manager has outlined various outcomes as market conditions evolved, which begs the question: does Scott Minerd really anticipate such low prices or are these predictions merely reserved for mainstream press?

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