Tech entrepreneur and the world’s richest man Elon Musk joined the legions of bitcoin proponents today.

Barely 24 hours after Robinhood exchange closed its doors to retailers so that multi-billion-dollar hedge funds can exit their short positions without getting liquidated, the renowned entrepreneur seemingly endorsed the number one pioneering cryptocurrency – bitcoin.

A few hours ago, Musk changed his status on Twitter to the Bitcoin hashtag and in one of his characteristically cryptic tweets, suggested that bitcoin’s success was inevitable.

He plainly said:

In retrospect, it was inevitable.”

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While Musk has not yet openly declared himself as a “bitcoiner,” the timing of the tweet and the status change are near obvious suggestions as to what he’s thinking.

As shown by an internet archive backup, Musk changed his status at some point in the last six hours.

Following the tweet, Bitcoin immediately took off, climbing 17% in a few minutes, per data from Coingecko.

Now that Musk has endorsed bitcoin, it’s only a matter of time before Tesla and SpaceX follow in the footsteps of MicroStrategy and add bitcoin to their balance sheets.

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