According to people familiar with the matter, London hedge fund Marshall Wace is planning its move into the blockchain and crypto investment space and could be accumulating bitcoin as we speak.

In Brief

  • The London hedge fund is looking to start its own crypto portfolio.
  • Marshall Wace is looking to invest in late stage digital finance companies.
  • The move comes as fund managers and big investors begin to see potential within the market.

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Per a financial times report, Marshall Wace is said to be looking to enter the crypto space. The London based hedge fund  currently holds $55 billion in assets under management (AUM), making it one of the largest funds worldwide. The company is looking at various blockchain technologies, payment systems for digital currencies and stablecoins.

The crypto portfolio is eyeing investments in privately owned digital finance firms which are in their late stage of development.

In 2020 and 2021, cryptocurrency firms have seen a flurry of large investors and funds getting into the market as opportunities present themselves. Now, Marshall Wace will join that cohort of investors as it looks to companies that are building the infrastructure of digital finance.

Stablecoins are a major focus for the firm, with the company having previously invested in technology company Circle, who is behind the stable coin, USD Coin.

Marshal Wace has not yet confirmed the size of the new portfolio or if any investors have joined.

Big Funds Jump on the Bitcoin Bandwagon

The move is clearly indicative of major institutional backing as investors and funds look to capitalise on the current market. Marshall Wace will be following large fund managers such as Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The company recently announced its second crypto fund, totalling $2.2 billion. A16z will also be  looking to invest in digital asset start-ups and blockchain technology.  The company commented on its second crypto fund. Saying, “We believe  that the next wave of computing innovation will be driven by crypto.”

A recent survey conducted on 100 hedge fund CFOs also suggest that 7.2% assets would be in the crypto space by 2026, marking a significant increase in inflows from the traditional hedge fund space.

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